About me

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James Laird is a London-based journalist, associate editor of Lifehacker UK, and dangerous treader of the fine line between a 34in and 36in waist. His full professional profile can be founded on LinkedIn.

Born in New England, James’ youth was spent chomping on Buffalo wings and dreaming of playing for the Patriots, while his adult life drew him from Boston to London at 17. Now fast approaching the dreaded 30, James is a card carrying chilli-fiend, BBQ evangelist, and hungry traveller who likes to pen extracurricular food rants here on Scav Gourmet  (Twitter: @scavgourmet).

James and Scav Gourmet have been featured in the Hackney Citizen, Blogosphere Magazine and XCity+. He is open to all manner of invitations, review opportunities, and death threats but his sweary opinions will always be his own.

Email James here (scavgourmet@gmail.com)

Legal bollocks: All opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not reflect the views of my employer. When not my own, images are believed to be public domain and citations are applied where applicable. I am happy for my work to be reproduced under most circumstances provided I am credited, but an email’s always nice to check. If you think I have unfairly used something that’s yours, please contact me directly.


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